We have to choose good things for our brain ! 

Just think about it. When we want to be healthy, you have to eat healthy food but why don’t we choose to watch or to read good things for our brain. Nowadays, NEWS in television that we watch, The contents are all about bad things such as Death, Human fights each other etc. NEWS agency knows human loves drama.So they create dramatic NEWS every day because of money, money, and money.It seems like it’s  none of our business but hey! if you watch or read it, it’ll affect your life.Maybe you think it never affect you but it literally affects you. When you watch or read things that are ridiculous, the speech that you say will be ridiculous and nonsensical but if you watch or read the documentary, the thing that you say is going to be logic and sensible.

This world is more beautiful than you think. Choosing and receiving only good things, your life will get better.

“Think Positive “


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