A bilingual person is a person who is capable of speaking perfectly two languages. Not only knowing how to speak but also the cultures. The person, who speaks fluently, should speak one language and can switch to another language at once.
The baby with an English mother and French father should be able to speak both English and French. Not only with his/her parents but grandparents. The way of learning two languages makes the baby can understand more about the different cultures. That is why he/she can learn how to respect people regardless of differences.
The dominant language depends on the country you live. If you want to make your child speaks which language, always speak to him/her in that language.
It can be extremely difficult to make people around yourself support you. Grandparents may be upset that they cannot communicate with their grandson/granddaughter. Another problem, if the child does not respond to speak in your language, maybe it is a better way to speak in another language. The last huge issue is the child gets bullied by friends because he/she is different from others. It needs to be promoted and valued and celebration such as the international Mother language day.
International Mother language day is the day to celebrate about the different aspect of language.
If we can speak more than two languages, we can contribute to the creation of a global community and this can lead to the way of understanding about cultures and languages but not to forget the mother language.



P.S. If there are any mistakes about the information that I try to summarize, correct me. I am just trying to learn how to write and summarize the article.


What do you think about Bilingualism?… let me know, we can discuss 😊


Linguistic = relating to language / liŋ-ˈgwi-stik/

To pick up = to learn

Simultaneously = at the same time

A point of view = a particular way of thinking about a situation

To switch = to change

To grasp = to understand

Regardless of = without being affected by

Consistency = always doing things in the same way

A martyr = a person who dies defending their beliefs


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