Percy Jackson is a story about a boy whose name is Percy Jackson and he lives as a normal person but one day, he finds out that he is not normal. He is a half-blood boy(Demigod)  who is a son of Poseidon(God of the Sea) and there are many adventures waiting for him to achieve. This fiction is all about adventures and Greek myths. If you like Greek myths, I think you must like it for sure. But if you never know about Greek myths before, it is not a problem. Rick Riordan wrote this fiction to make you understand more about Greek myths in an easy and fun way. The first time that I read, I never knew about Greek myths before but when I finished reading it, I spent my time to find more information to read about Greek myths because I’ve fallen in love with this kind of story.

Percy Jackson book series was written by Rick Riordan. There are five books which are:

– The Lighting Thief

– The Sea of Monster

– The Titan’s Curse

– The Battle of the Labyrinth

– The Last Olympian

You should read it in this order. It’ll make you understand more about this series.

It is one of my favorite fictions and I think you must read it! 

In the summary, If you like adventure or interest in Greek myths, keep this series into your collection 🙂