Today morning, I’ve heard this story and I think, it impresses me a lot. That is why I want to share. 🙂

Once upon the time, there is an army of frogs. They run through the forest but suddenly, there is a hole, a really deep hole. Two of frogs fall down to that hole. The rest of the frogs tell those two frogs that the hole is so deep, “both of you cannot climb up.”. However, both of two little frogs try hard to climb up from the hole. It seems like no way for coming up and other frogs tell them so loud that they cannot climb up. One of them gives up… but the second frog won’t. He tries his best to climb up. He does not listen to other frogs. Then, he finally climbs up and can leave the hole. Other frogs are shocked and curious. They ask him why he can get out of the hole. At the end, the frog is deaf. He cannot hear what other frogs told him that he cannot climb up. He thought that those frogs were cheering him up.

“Sometimes, being deaf is not that bad 🙂 “


Song Series 2: ผีเสื้อที่หายไป (The Lost Butterfly) by Klear

A lot of people are waiting for someone who loves them with true love. (Somebody who is meant to be with you.)

This song tells you about “LOVE”

Love is like a “BUTTERFLY”. How come?

Whenever you try too hard to catch up the butterfly, it always flies away from you.

However, when you stand still (Do not try to catch it but just look at it), it will fly back to you.

Just like “LOVE”, if you try to find someone who you think that he/she is your soulmate, you will not find him/her. 

You won’t get love or get anyone else.

Turn yourself be like a flower.

“Stand still”

“Be Patient”

And finally, the butterfly will find you instead soon. 



Simple as that 🙂

P.S. Link of this song >>> ผีเสื้อที่หายไป by Klear

I love this song so bad. The meaning itself is awesome.

Song Series 1: BRIGHTER DAY by Klear

You might not forget that you’ve been sad before.

You might feel depressed.

You still remember bad things.

Somebody warns you not to be sad. However, you still feel it and cry your eyes out like a baby. 

We do not have a good day every day.

But hey! maybe one day.

Sometimes your love did not work well. However, you are not worthless and one day, you will find someone who is meant to be with you.

“What do we get from being sad?”

Do not be sad about bad things that happened to you in the past.

Finally, you will forget it. (Deleting from your heart)

Today, you suffer but it is going to be less than yesterday, right?

and one day, it will be erased from you.


“Forget about bad things”

“Stop crying”

” let’s begin with new day”

“We will find a brighter day”



P.S. If you want to listen to the song, here it is >>>  Brighter day by Klear

Chiang Mai (Thailand) Trip With My Friends !!!

Chiang Mai is the largest city in northern Thailand. This is one of the most popular cities that tourist should visit if they come to Thailand. I went there on February 7-10, 2017 with my friends. However, today is June 12, 2017, who cares? I want to write this story on my blog today. Well … Actually, I do not have time to do this but now it is the end of semesters (Finally -__- ), so I am going to do it.

This is not a review. I just want to share my traveling experience. The pictures that I use, I cropped from my video.

When I was in Chiang Mai, I took a Video every place that I went. If you cannot imagine by my writing, Check this out >>>Chiang Mai with My Friends

First Day ( February 7, 2017)

My friends and I went to Chiang Mai by train (700-800 baht). I started at Bang Sue Station in Bangkok. We left Bangkok at 6.30 pm and arrived Chiang Mai at 7 am.


In the train, there have many berths with a pillow and thin blanket, lavatories and free bottle of water for each person.


Second day (February 8, 2017)

The first place where we went when we were in Chiang Mai was Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden. It is the first botanical garden in the country and it is the provision of botanical education and research.


The second place of the day, I went to MonCham. It is a nice place and nice air to visit if you need to be away from the citydsd.jpg

The third place that I went was Eden Grape Farm. If you go there, you will get fresh grapes and grape juice.


The fourth place was PongYang Zipline and Jungle Coaster. This is one of my favorite activities on this trip. I actually went on a zip line but I couldn’t record because it is too dangerous for my camera.dsds.jpg


Third day (February 9, 2017)

We went to Kew Mae Pan. It was a really great place. It has been developed as an ‘educative nature trail’ and you will enjoy your nice trekking about 3 km. along with a beautiful view and forest. Fresh air for refreshing your life !!!


and we went to Doi Inthanon National Park, which is called by Thai people as “The Roof of Thailand “


We went to The Great Holy Relics Pagoda Nabhapolbhumisiri. It is such a beautiful pagoda and there are beautiful gardens around the pagoda.yi.k,.jpg

Then, I went to The Royal Agricultural Station Inthanon. The Royal Agricultural Station Inthanon is His Majesty the King Personal Project (King Rama 9 of Thailand) for eliminating opium growing. He helped his people by giving them learning about the new farming information (Agriculture knowledge) to improve their well-being.


Before the end of the day, we went to Chiang Mai Night Safari to meet a lot of our animal friends.


They want to say Hi. 🙂



Fourth day (February 10, 2017)

It was time to go back to Bangkok but before we went back to Bangkok, we went to Sankampaeng Hot Spring to boil some eggs and relax.bfbf.jpg

And it was a real time to go back to Bangkok 😦

Say goodbye to Chiang Mai.aa.jpg

It was such a beautiful and really nice trip with friends.

This is my experience that I want to share on my Blog because I do not want to forget it. 🙂


I’m back home for a while and I’ve found my English notebook that I lectured everything when I was in Grade 11 in my English class. I’ve found this beautiful story in my notebook and I want to share to all of you guys.

“Jim and his wife lived in a small poor apartment. They were paupers who each only had one possession that was very important. Jim had a gold watch that his father had give him. His wife had beautiful long hair that everyone said looked like gold.

On Christmas Eve, Jim’s wife wanted to buy him a present but only had $1.87. She was desperate for money, so she cut and sold her hair to a wig-maker for twenty dollars. She bought Jim a gold chain for his watch that cost $21. Then, she went home to make dinner for her husband.

However,when Jim came home,he looked at his wife in confusion. To make him happy again, she told him why she cut her hair and gave Jim the present. He was speechless. He gave her a wrapped box and when she opened it, his wife cried. Jim had sold his gold watch to buy several expensive combs for his wife to brush her hair. “

Although the gifts were useless, they learned something priceless about each other. They learned that they loved each other so much, they were willing to sacrifice anything for each other.

It’s a beautiful story. I’m not quite sure you guys have heard about this story yet. I want to share it though. 🙂


I had an opportunity to go to “KLAO SHOW” (a talk show that has psychologist and people, who are a life coach, come to talk about their techniques how to reach goals.)  with my friends on January 15, 2017. And I got a chance to have a private talk with the Life coach for about 12 minutes. I asked her many questions but one of my questions is “How can I  get more confidence?” Her answer was…

“The reason why you lost your confidence is because you do not know how good you are. You have to learn how to proud of yourself. If you do not know how to start, do this…

First, Ask your friends what your strength is. If you ask 10 people, you will know your 10 strengths. If you ask 100 people, you will know that you are not that bad.

Second, After you waking up in the morning, just say thank you for what you have. Maybe it’s just a little thing in your life. For example, Thanks for having two legs (someone does not have like you), thanks for having parents(someone does not have like you) or thanks for waking up in this morning (someone does not have a chance like you).

The last one, Before you’re going to sleep, think about what you’ve done good things today. Maybe it’s just a little thing like a smile to your friends, help your friends doing homework or anything.

If you can do all of these three every single day, you will find that…

 …You are worth more than you think

and the confidence will follow ..”


I’m going to explain you about this word “Toxic person”. A toxic person is a person who talks about people in a bad way with you.The person who always has negative thinking, be aggressive or be intolerant or be jealous of people.  REMEMBER THIS! if that person talks about people in a bad way, that person will talk about you in a bad way to others as well.

“Detox yourself from Toxic people”

Crow’s question

I’ve just heard this story for a few day ago.This story is about a crow.The Crow is a bird that has black hair. I’m going to tell you about the story…

“Once upon the time, there is one crow.This crow is a very happy bird.She’s always proud of herself.Until she meets Swan. Swan is a bird that has a white body. It looks elegant.The Crow asks Swan how does she feel that she is the most beautiful and happiest bird in this world.The Swan answers to the crow, at first time she thought she was the most beautiful bird in this world until she met a parrot.A parrot is a bird that has 2 colors but swan has just only one color. After that, a crow flies to ask the parrot how does she feels that she is the most beautiful and happiest bird in this world. Parrot answers to crow. She said she thought that she was the most beautiful bird in this world until she met a peacock.A peacock is a bird that has many colors. The crow fly to ask a peacock at the zoo the same question that she asked the swan and the parrot. The peacock answers that she is the most beautiful bird in this world. However, her beauty is a reason why she is arrested in a cage at a zoo. Peacock said she thinks the happiest bird in this world is a Crow. Crow has a freedom to fly to everywhere it wants to go.Crow is the only one type of bird that never be in a cage. “

In the summary, this story taught me about “Don’t compare yourself with someone else because the game that you compare yourself to others, it is the game that you never win. Just be proud of yourself.”