I had an opportunity to go to “KLAO SHOW” (a talk show that has psychologist and people, who are a life coach, come to talk about their techniques how to reach goals.)  with my friends on January 15, 2017. And I got a chance to have a private talk with the Life coach for about 12 minutes. I asked her many questions but one of my questions is “How can I  get more confidence?” Her answer was…

“The reason why you lost your confidence is because you do not know how good you are. You have to learn how to proud of yourself. If you do not know how to start, do this…

First, Ask your friends what your strength is. If you ask 10 people, you will know your 10 strengths. If you ask 100 people, you will know that you are not that bad.

Second, After you waking up in the morning, just say thank you for what you have. Maybe it’s just a little thing in your life. For example, Thanks for having two legs (someone does not have like you), thanks for having parents(someone does not have like you) or thanks for waking up in this morning (someone does not have a chance like you).

The last one, Before you’re going to sleep, think about what you’ve done good things today. Maybe it’s just a little thing like a smile to your friends, help your friends doing homework or anything.

If you can do all of these three every single day, you will find that…

 …You are worth more than you think

and the confidence will follow ..”