Song Series 2: ผีเสื้อที่หายไป (The Lost Butterfly) by Klear

A lot of people are waiting for someone who loves them with true love. (Somebody who is meant to be with you.)

This song tells you about “LOVE”

Love is like a “BUTTERFLY”. How come?

Whenever you try too hard to catch up the butterfly, it always flies away from you.

However, when you stand still (Do not try to catch it but just look at it), it will fly back to you.

Just like “LOVE”, if you try to find someone who you think that he/she is your soulmate, you will not find him/her. 

You won’t get love or get anyone else.

Turn yourself be like a flower.

“Stand still”

“Be Patient”

And finally, the butterfly will find you instead soon. 



Simple as that 🙂

P.S. Link of this song >>> ผีเสื้อที่หายไป by Klear

I love this song so bad. The meaning itself is awesome.



I’m back home for a while and I’ve found my English notebook that I lectured everything when I was in Grade 11 in my English class. I’ve found this beautiful story in my notebook and I want to share to all of you guys.

“Jim and his wife lived in a small poor apartment. They were paupers who each only had one possession that was very important. Jim had a gold watch that his father had give him. His wife had beautiful long hair that everyone said looked like gold.

On Christmas Eve, Jim’s wife wanted to buy him a present but only had $1.87. She was desperate for money, so she cut and sold her hair to a wig-maker for twenty dollars. She bought Jim a gold chain for his watch that cost $21. Then, she went home to make dinner for her husband.

However,when Jim came home,he looked at his wife in confusion. To make him happy again, she told him why she cut her hair and gave Jim the present. He was speechless. He gave her a wrapped box and when she opened it, his wife cried. Jim had sold his gold watch to buy several expensive combs for his wife to brush her hair. “

Although the gifts were useless, they learned something priceless about each other. They learned that they loved each other so much, they were willing to sacrifice anything for each other.

It’s a beautiful story. I’m not quite sure you guys have heard about this story yet. I want to share it though. 🙂