I’m back home for a while and I’ve found my English notebook that I lectured everything when I was in Grade 11 in my English class. I’ve found this beautiful story in my notebook and I want to share to all of you guys.

“Jim and his wife lived in a small poor apartment. They were paupers who each only had one possession that was very important. Jim had a gold watch that his father had give him. His wife had beautiful long hair that everyone said looked like gold.

On Christmas Eve, Jim’s wife wanted to buy him a present but only had $1.87. She was desperate for money, so she cut and sold her hair to a wig-maker for twenty dollars. She bought Jim a gold chain for his watch that cost $21. Then, she went home to make dinner for her husband.

However,when Jim came home,he looked at his wife in confusion. To make him happy again, she told him why she cut her hair and gave Jim the present. He was speechless. He gave her a wrapped box and when she opened it, his wife cried. Jim had sold his gold watch to buy several expensive combs for his wife to brush her hair. “

Although the gifts were useless, they learned something priceless about each other. They learned that they loved each other so much, they were willing to sacrifice anything for each other.

It’s a beautiful story. I’m not quite sure you guys have heard about this story yet. I want to share it though. 🙂


Percy Jackson is a story about a boy whose name is Percy Jackson and he lives as a normal person but one day, he finds out that he is not normal. He is a half-blood boy(Demigod)  who is a son of Poseidon(God of the Sea) and there are many adventures waiting for him to achieve. This fiction is all about adventures and Greek myths. If you like Greek myths, I think you must like it for sure. But if you never know about Greek myths before, it is not a problem. Rick Riordan wrote this fiction to make you understand more about Greek myths in an easy and fun way. The first time that I read, I never knew about Greek myths before but when I finished reading it, I spent my time to find more information to read about Greek myths because I’ve fallen in love with this kind of story.

Percy Jackson book series was written by Rick Riordan. There are five books which are:

– The Lighting Thief

– The Sea of Monster

– The Titan’s Curse

– The Battle of the Labyrinth

– The Last Olympian

You should read it in this order. It’ll make you understand more about this series.

It is one of my favorite fictions and I think you must read it! 

In the summary, If you like adventure or interest in Greek myths, keep this series into your collection 🙂

Crow’s question

I’ve just heard this story for a few days ago.This story is about a crow.Crow is a bird that has black hair. I’m going to tell you about the story…

“Once upon the time, there is one crow.This crow is a very happy bird.She always proud of herself.Until she meets Swan. Swan is a bird that has a white body. It looks elegant.Crow ask Swan how does she feel that she is the most beautiful and happiest bird in this world.Swan answers to crow, the first time she thought she was the most beautiful bird in this world until she met parrot.Parrot is a bird that has 2 colors but swan has just one color. After that, a crow flies to ask parrot how does she feel that she is the most beautiful and happiest bird in this world. Parrot answers to crow. She said she thought that she was the most beautiful bird in this world until she met Peacock.Peacock is a bird that has many colors. Crow fly to ask peacock at the zoo the same question like she asks Swan and Parrot. Peacock answers that she is the most beautiful bird in this world. However, her beauty is a reason why she is arrested in a cage at a zoo. Peacock said she thinks the happiest bird in this world is a Crow. Crow has a freedom to fly to everywhere it wants to go.Crow is the only one type of bird that never be in a cage. “

In the summary, this story taught me about “Don’t compare yourself with someone else because the game that you compare yourself to others, it is the game that you never win. Just proud of yourself.”